Staying Sober Curious Beyond Dry January

Staying Sober Curious Beyond Dry January

By Anna Sudbury

Dry January comes at the worst time of the year. It’s dark. You’re broke. You’ve only just finished the last of the mince pies and the Quality Street. It’s not a time for restriction and new routines, it should be a time for log fires, warming foods, embracing the limited daylight and hunkering down til spring.

Ditching the drink in January is like starting a computer game at level 5. You go from the excesses of Christmas and New Year straight into a sober month, and WHAM, just like that, it’s a major gear change. It’s no surprise it’s a shock to the system.

Winter, with its dark days and chilly temperatures, is a tough season. Research shows we need more sleep in these darker months, and the lack of daylight during working hours can leave you feeling disconnected. Add to that the cosy yet sometimes stifling warmth of central heating, and you've got a recipe for sluggishness.

Notice The Benefits Of Dry January

This is why it’s so important to notice the benefits of Dry January as you go through
the month. The first day might have felt tough, and that’s hardly surprising bearing in mind that on 31 December you were drinking champagne and dancing on tables.

Focus On What You Gain – Not What Has Been Taken Away

The feeling of ‘going without’ can make you feel deprived. However, as the month
progresses, the positive changes become more apparent. Instead of focusing on what you're giving up, shift your attention to what you're gaining—clearer skin,
improved sleep, reduced reliance on comfort foods, more morning energy, less
bloating, and increased mental clarity (the list goes on…).

The benefits are plentiful; it's just a matter of acknowledging them.

If You Can Get Through January Sober – The Other Months Are A Breeze

January tends to be a hibernation month. Nobody goes to the pub, or out for dinner, or for after work drinks. Is that what you want your life to be like? I don’t think so.

So experimenting with sobriety at a time when you just sit at home…. Well, it’s no wonder it can feel a bit boring!

Challenge yourself to embrace the sober curious lifestyle when life returns to normal—when you can go out with friends, enjoy dinner, or catch up
over drinks.

Beyond "Dry" January

Here’s an idea. It’s the end of January, and if you’ve come this far, congratulations. I salute you! But I’m going to challenge you to stick with it for a little bit longer. Try the sober curious lifestyle in a month where your bank balance allows you to go out and see some mates. Try ditching the drink when you are away for a weekend at half term, or meeting your mates for a catch up.

Try it when you are living a NORMAL life, not a January life of new year and new resolutions. And then notice that actually, what’s in your drink is the least interesting thing about you. The benefits keep on stacking up.

And it’s much, much easier to ditch the drink when life is going on around you, just like it should.

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