Are Alcohol Free Drinks Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Alcohol Free Drinks Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of utmost care and consideration for the health of both the expecting mother and the baby. Questions often arise regarding the safety of consuming various drinks and foods, we all know that alcohol should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy – but how about alcohol-free drinks?

Understanding Alcohol Free Drinks

Alcohol free drinks, as the name suggests, are drinks which contain no alcohol or are made with minimal alcohol content (below 0.5% ABV). They aim to provide an alternative for those who wish to avoid alcohol for various reasons, including health concerns, personal choice, or during specific life stages like pregnancy.

Reasons for Choosing Alcohol Free Drinks During Pregnancy

Expecting mothers often opt for alcohol free drinks as a way to enjoy flavourful and satisfying drinks without the risks associated with alcohol consumption. Drinks like our very own offer refreshing choices that mimic the taste profiles of their alcoholic counterparts but in a healthier for you format with 0% alcohol.

Safety Assurances of Alcohol Free Drinks

Alcohol free drinks are specifically formulated to contain minimal or no alcohol, ensuring that they pose negligible risks to pregnant women and their babies. They are crafted to provide a safer alternative while still offering the pleasure of enjoying a refreshing drink.

Making Informed Choices

In summary, alcohol free drinks are considered safe options for consumption during pregnancy and are a great replacement for alcohol. They provide expectant mothers with a range of satisfying and enjoyable choices while minimising potential risks associated with alcohol consumption.

Reformed Characters Alcohol Free Drinks – What Makes Us Different?

When we set out on our mission to create a range of alcohol free drinks, we heard from customers time and time again that they didn't want sickly sweet, synthetic drinks filled with sugar and other chemicals to mimic the taste of alcohol.

We set out on a mission to create a range of drinks using real botanical ingredients – all character, no compromise.

All of our drinks are:

✔️ Low Sugar
✔️ Low Calorie (35 Cals Per Can)
✔️ Naturally Bold Distilled Botanicals
✔️ 0.0% ABV Alcohol-Free
✔️ Gluten-Free, Vegan
✔️ All Character — No Compromise
✔️ Nothing Artificial

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