How to deal with bar and waiting staff mocking your mocktails

How to deal with bar and waiting staff mocking your mocktails

So you've decided you're going to swerve the booze, you pick your non-alcoholic drink, feeling good – you got this... But then, curveball, the waiter/bar guy starts joining in the not so sly digs with your friends.

Now the spotlight is on you and why you can't just get sloshed on a Friday night with your friends – Feat. A Stranger you've never met before who should really be fetching your hibiscus cooler.

So how do you deal with it? And why should you justify yourself to someone you've never met before who should really by now be bringing you that damn hibiscus cooler already?!

Here we've compiled a list of short and snappy sometimes sassy answers – sit back and choose your fighter 🥊

Short & Snappy (Leave me be)
  • "I've decided to not drink tonight, and that's my decision, I'll let you know if it changes"

  • "I have a class in the morning"

  • "I've decided to take a month off"

  • "I'm driving"

  • "Some people don't actually drink"

  • "Sometimes I don't drink"
  • "I don't drink"

  • "Not right now / Maybe later"

I've been drinking all day – maybe you need a drink...


Sometimes Sassy (I will fight you)
  • "Maybe if you had a better non-alcoholic drinks list then it wouldn't be such a painful experience"

  • "Well if you keep talking, it looks like I'll never be drinking anything again" (Meow) 😼

  • "I've been drinking all day... Maybe you need a drink?"

  • Not everyone feels the need to drink
  • "Trust me, this place can't handle drunk me"

  • "You work hard on my booze intake but I wish you were working harder on fetching me that damn hibiscus cooler!"

Curtains close. But really – if you've decided to take a night, a weekend, a month, or a life off booze then you should feel good in the decisions you make. Don't let anybody else peer pressure you into drinking alcohol and make you feel like your experience will be any less just because you aren't drinking. Keep that head held high and that damn hibiscus cooler topped up.

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