Booze & Boners – 10 Ways Alcohol Affects Erections

Booze & Boners – 10 Ways Alcohol Affects Erections

The Hangover Horn is real, we can't argue with that – but have you noticed when hitting the booze hard that getting (and keeping) an erection can become a little, erm harder? 

While many people know that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to various health problems (boring), not many people are aware of the impact it has on sexual function and erections (ok we're listening).

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue that affects millions of men, and the consumption of alcohol can play a significant role in its development.

Here we take a look at 5 Ways Alcohol Affects Erections

    1. Dehydration: Alcohol is a diuretic and even moderate consumption will lead to dehydration, which can reduce blood flow to the penis and lead to erectile dysfunction. A reduced amount of red blood cells and plasma stop the chambers inside the penis from gaining enough oxygen and nutrient-rich blood needed to maintain an erection.

    2. Decreased Testosterone: Alcohol can cause hormonal imbalances that can impact sexual function, including reducing the amount of testosterone produced (the male sex hormone) and increasing levels of oestrogen produced (the female sex hormone).

    3. Loss Of Libido: Reduced testosterone in turn lowers our libido, reducing sperm quantity and quality (and, you guessed it – decreasing our fertility).

    4. Damaged Blood Vessels: Consistently binge drinking can lead to damage of the nerves, raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and also damage the blood vessels. All of these can contribute to an inability to get (and keep) an erection.

    5. Mental Health Impairment: Alcohol can impair mental function and lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that can impact sexual function and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Worried you've been putting booze before boners? Try taking a month off alcohol and see if you see an improvement – you may be pleasantly suprised!

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