Wasted Wednesdays

Wasted Wednesdays

Wednesday/Thursday drinks were always an opportunity to go hard — celebrating “making it through the week” and our busy lives as working professionals.

Getting absolutely caned mid week was a massive fingers up to our 9/5, signalling — we got this, we can still go wild mid week and keep our shit together.

Except it didn’t always work out like that... The reality was days off work incapable of going into the office, lay in bed stinking of fags and McDonald’s, masturbating away our anxiety about going back into work when everyone knew we had been drinking and had seen posts on Instagram the entire evening (right before we got hit by a single days bout of food poisoning).


Memes like this one feed into the narrative of the #hotmess — fun and cute. Fun and cute until you are 1 formal warning away from being fired from your job for not turning up again. Fun and cute until you realise you can’t remember how you got home and your thighs are covered in cuts and bruises. Fun and cute until you realise a casual drink with friends mid week has consistently ended with you putting yourself in danger and financial insecurity each time.


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