• Why are we sick when we drink too much?

    Nearly all of us at some point have spent the evening dialling the porcelain telephone, more often than not – a result of (sigh) another alcohol–fuelled evening. We may have even lauded throwing up as a 'tactical', a go-to last move to try to feel better and carry on while the night is 'still you...
  • 10 Ways To Support Your Sober / Mindful Drinking Friend

    Losing a friend to sobriety can be hard, like really hard. No more catastrophic bottomless brunches, no more boozy weekends away, no more DMC's until the birds start tweeting and bidding us adieu.
  • What happens when you take a month off drinking?

    Taking a FULL month off the booze can seem like a daunting task. Deciding to take a month off drinking is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and learn more about alcohol and how it can be affecting your life.    Here we've pulled together a week by week look at the benefits of taking a mon...
  • Why do we get 'beer fear'? 5 Reasons...

    Beer Fear, the Sunday Scaries, Hangxiety – all followed by a Blue Monday. What is it about alcohol that causes these low feelings of anxiety, exhaustion and depression.
  • Kicking The Friday Night Drinking Habit

    If like us you work pretty damn hard through the week, then there is (or was) nothing quite as appealing as the ever elusive ‘one after work’ on a Friday. Nothing caps off the week quite as perfectly as 6 pints on an empty stomach, while you set the world to rights with colleagues you normally abhor.

  • Wasted Wednesdays

    Wednesday/Thursday drinks were always an opportunity to go hard — celebrating “making it through the week” and our busy lives as working professionals.Getting absolutely caned mid week was a massive fingers up to our 9/5, signalling — we got this, we can still go wild mid week and keep our shit ...
  • The Problem With Dentists

    A stunning stroll to the dentist yesterday reminded me of the countless dentist appointments I have missed over the years because I was too hungover to leave my bed, let alone spend the morning with a strangers fingers down my throat.Or the time I decided to brave it after the mother of all red ...
  • Wasted, Lost, Crying and Running

    As part of our series 'Things I'm waving goodbye to' – we will be exploring the reasons why so many people are now choosing to live alcohol-free and alcohol-reduced lives.