Self Development

  • 10 Ways To Support Your Sober / Mindful Drinking Friend

    Losing a friend to sobriety can be hard, like really hard. No more catastrophic bottomless brunches, no more boozy weekends away, no more DMC's until the birds start tweeting and bidding us adieu.
  • What happens when you take a month off drinking?

    Taking a FULL month off the booze can seem like a daunting task. Deciding to take a month off drinking is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and learn more about alcohol and how it can be affecting your life.    Here we've pulled together a week by week look at the benefits of taking a mon...
  • 30 Days Have Selftember

    How does self-love look to you? September or #Selftember is a great month to take stock of the life-changing year we have had – how are you taking care of yourself this month?👋 Goodbye to negative self talk💤 Set sleep time we actually want🌿 Nature for enjoyment – not instagram🧘 Taking time to be...