What happens when you take a month off drinking?

What happens when you take a month off drinking?

Taking a FULL month off the booze can seem like a daunting task. Deciding to take a month off drinking is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and learn more about alcohol and how it can be affecting your life. 


Here we've pulled together a week by week look at the benefits of taking a month off drinking. This is a highly personal experience, and people tend to see different results at different times – our bodies are not one size fits all. That being said, the below is a general guide of what you can expect.

Week 1

alcohol and sleep

one month off alcohol

benefits of sobriety

Week 2

what happens when you take a month off drinking

benefits of dry january

alcohol and gut health

Week 3

one month sober benefits
benefits of being sober

month off drinking benefits

Week 4

alcohol free benefits

immune health alcohol

mindful drinking benefits


Week 5
The Results

benefits of one month off booze

sobriety and sleep

health benefits one month sober

more energy sober


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