Kicking The Friday Night Drinking Habit

Kicking The Friday Night Drinking Habit

If like us you work pretty damn hard through the week, then there is (or was) nothing quite as appealing as the ever elusive ‘one after work’ on a Friday. Nothing caps off the week quite as perfectly as 6 pints on an empty stomach, while you set the world to rights with colleagues you normally abhor.

In our decades of research into Friday night drinking (see: drinking London dry on said Fridays) – we’ve come to realise that Friday nights always tend to land us in a spot of bother. Saturday is dead to us and may as well be written off immediately – and by the time Sunday comes around we will no doubt by hit by the impending doom that Monday lurks only a few hours away. Rinse and repeat.

Friday drinking can be a cycle which is tricky to get out of – with a 75% higher chance of experiencing FOMO on a Friday night. 

Here we’ve pulled together some thoughts on why Fridays aren’t working for us anymore, and some go to tips for kicking that Friday night habit.

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Why do I get so drunk on Friday nights?

  1. Because you haven’t ate and you’re not going to eat
    Clare from accounts may have the best of intentions by throwing you a ‘yeah we can grab food’, but this isn ’t going to happen. Not now and not ever. Don’t trust Clare.

  2. Because you’ve been awake since 7am
    Your body is tired – you are tired. The last thing we needed was 6 pints sat ontop of a meal deal which suddenly became the only thing we'd ate all day. When we are exhausted our mental processes slow, making us more lethargic than usual – add booze to the mix and you'll feel the affects of alcohol far more strongly (see: sloppy drunk).

  3. Because drinking with people from work is fun
    It's all fun and games until someone grabs your tit or you grab someone else's tit. Although completely normalised, mixing work with pleasure can often lead to harassment, embarrassing situations and ultimately job insecurity. 

  4. Because you have made no other conscious plans and this is the easiest option
    Stroll out of work and fall into the nearest dive bar – what’s not to love.


 How can I change my drinking on a Friday night?

  1. Don’t stay for 1
    Until you’ve mastered being able to control your alcohol and spend time around other drinkers (if that’s your bag) – then 1 will always lead to more. Don’t tempt the witch & don't listen to Clare.

  2. Plan your weekend with military precision
    If you have nothing to do on a Saturday, chances are getting leathered on a Friday will come all the more naturally. Make clear and enjoyable plans for Saturday (see: “I have to be up early I’m going for a walk along Seven Sisters with friends!).

  3. Play it forward – How has that Friday pint ended for you previously? Weekends spent in bed? Money down the drain which you didn't have in the first place? Embarrassment? Regret? Shame? (See also: not s***ting where you eat).

  4. Conquer your FOMO
    If you have stopped enjoying after work drinks, then why do you still feel like you would be missing out? Try connecting with friends and colleagues outside of the Friday night bubble and suggest meeting up for a coffee, a workout, some shopping, a day out… Chances are others probably feel like they are in the same cycle as you and just need somebody else to reach out.

  5. Try low and no alcohol drinks (hear us out)
    Try (and we mean, really try) low and no alcohol alternatives. When you are still drinking it is easy to shrug these off as useless as a chocolate teapot and jump back to a ‘proper’ drink (the crowd goes wild). The low and no alcohol category has quite literally exploded in recent years in response the vast amount of people seeking a more enjoyable way of life! Give a low or no alcoholic drink a go, and think of the bigger picture – how will this little drink help you in your goals and how you’d really like to spend the rest of your weekend.


The first step in breaking any cycle is realising there is a cycle to be broken! We hope this article has given you some food for thought and inspiration in kicking your weekends back into touch!


Peace & Love,
– RC

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