Here to banish the Sunday Scaries

Here to banish the Sunday Scaries

1st Post Realness

Reformed Characters is a new range of non-alcoholic functional drinks. We're still in development and can't wait to share with you what we've been working on – but thought we would introduce ourselves a little further here.

We seek to spark conversations, inform and inspire peoples decisions around alcohol. We are for the outright drunk, sober-curious, 'sober', and everyone in-between. On the wagon, off the wagon, and in an Uber along the side watching from a distance – we are for everyone no matter where you are in your journey.

Reformed Characters and our brand name are symbolic of our belief in self – and that the ability for positive change is within us all.

Reformed Characters – Beer Fear Hangxiety Blackouts Sunday Scaries

Beer fear, hangxiety, blackouts, sunday scaries, that time your friend went to the toilet in her hallway & more – we are here to talk about it all. Fasten in and we hope you'll join us for the journey.

Have any questions or want to share your own story or thoughts? Give us a shout at


Peace & Love,
– RC


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