30 Days Have Selftember

30 Days Have Selftember

How does self-love look to you? September or #Selftember is a great month to take stock of the life-changing year we have had – how are you taking care of yourself this month?

👋 Goodbye to negative self talk
💤 Set sleep time we actually want
🌿 Nature for enjoyment – not instagram
🧘 Taking time to be still
🌚 Avoiding drama
🌀 Acknowledging our journey
🎉 Celebrating our achievements
🤸 Exercising for enjoyment
👪 Reconnecting with family
🥬 Nourish our bodies
📖 Start journalling
⛱️ Something to look forward to
📕 Get back into reading
🛶 Try something new
🎨 Get creative

Peace & Love,

– RC

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